FREE Global Gossip Wireless Internet On Board

A partnership with Pro Dive was established in late 2009, with the audacious goal of delivering a reliable wireless service to Scuba enthusiasts, housed on live aboard Pro Dive boats 50km off the coast of Cairns.

By utilising the latest 3G technology, and the help of Pro Dive, Global Gossip was able to successfully install Australia’s very first mobile wireless public access internet system for use at sea.

Pro Dive customers can now enjoy FREE wireless access Internet on board, sharing their adventures on the Great Barrier Reef in real time. All you need now is a waterproof laptop! :)

About Global Gossip

Since 1997, Global Gossip has been driven to provide outstanding communication services to Travellers the world over. Combining superior customer service with the very latest PC, wireless and mobile technology, Global Gossip has expanded its global reach and now operates across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Europe.

Apart from providing high speed Internet and an affordable international calling card, since early 2010, Global Gossip has also added a mobile SIM card and Mobile Broadband service to our current suite of products. Due to the unique nature of our product offering, the Global Gossip card is the ideal solution for the traveller, international student or backpacker.

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